• sakura clock

    year : 2011   category : product    material : wood    size :  φ270mm
    Karuizawa Bori Clock bringing crystal clear air and slow-moving relaxing time of Karuizawa to your home. 
    This clock carved by the traditional Japanese wood carving technique doesn't have hour numerals on the face. 
    So when you want to know the time,  you read the density of sakura (cherry blossom) and get the approximate time. 
    Would you like to relax  without being pressed for time?
    Karuizawa Bori is a Japanese wood carving, traditional craft of Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture).
    In the middle of the Meiji Period (in 1895), craftsmen invited from Nikko started to make western-style furniture with 
    beautiful sculptural decorations for the Americans and Europeans who came to Karuizawa for the summer. 
    This is how Karuizawa Bori began. Sakura (cherry blossom)  is most popular motif. Fine dots in the background to accentuate
    lovely flowers are also one of the characteristics of Karuizawa Bori. 
    Themost attractive point is that each petal is delicately carved.
    軽井沢彫シバザキ http://store.shibazaki.com/ 
    photo by Yuki Akaba