• tenban-tray

    year : 2011  category : product   material :top board of used school desk  
    4 different sized trays made out of a top board of used Japanese school desk.
    Clockwise from left, lunch tray, A4 size tray, pen tray, coin tray.
    These 4 different trays are cut from a top board of used school desk without any wood waste.
    All that is doomed to be scrapped is sawdust and wood chips derived from cutting and carving.
    But why so simple and homely design?  Because I thought, "if I resurrect scrap wood at all, I want 
    to make user-friendly products that integrate themselves well into everyday life, keep unpretentious
    charm and can be used for a long time."
    The trays serve as carriers or organizers, wear well and support us gently in everyday life for many years.
    photo by Yuki Akaba 1,2